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 Kyle Potter

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Kyle Potter
Gryffindor Student

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Character Sheet
Age: 17
Race: Wizard/Witches
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PostSubject: Kyle Potter   Sat Nov 15, 2008 12:08 am

Name: Kyle Potter
Nicknames: Ky, Jeffy
Year/Age: 7th Year/17
Wand: Ash, 11 inches, with Phoenix Feather

Height: 5'2
Hair: Black
Eye colour: Darl Brown
Skin: Alittle white
Build: Strong Muscular
Other distinguishing features: None

Personality traits/ Character Attributes: Kyle is a very quiet, but very aggresive at him. He is always loyals to his friends, and would do everything he could do to fix any problem that will come by his friendships or realationship. Andrian trys very hard to be fun and enjoyable to his friends, and has a great passion to playing Qudditch and learning all magical skills with wands
Skills: A great seeker in qudditch, He is also great at Defence Against the Dark Art, Care For Magical Creature, Charms and Transfiguration. And also good at playing guitar
Weaknesses: Always easy on his friend, And easily tempted
Like: He has a great passion of studying Defence Against the Dark Art. Because he likes to the idea of knowing how to defend himself and his friend without hesitation
Dislikes: Fights, People doing the wrong thing
Motto: Bealive in it and a man can do it
Family Information: His father name was Mathew who is married to his mother Flourence. Both killed in their house in a fire accident, and being hit by a debris
Background: Andrian used to live with his parents but they were killed by a Death Eater, so now he lives alone is a beatiful elegant apartment by himself
Pet: A snowy owl named Pearl (named after a girl).

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Meredith NicEssus
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Race: Vampires
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PostSubject: Re: Kyle Potter   Sat Nov 15, 2008 12:25 am


but which name are you using. I saw Andrain in there somewhere.

I think I know who you are now, lol
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Kyle Potter
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