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 Offical Site Rules

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PostSubject: Offical Site Rules   Thu Nov 13, 2008 4:38 pm

Hello all. We just have a few rules for here:

How to begin: Once you join you must create you character application, plot and then apply for a face for your character. Just remember all the rules that each have. Once you have done that go to the train and introduce yourself. Once you have a total of 10 post you can go into town and purchase your supplies. As long as you have posted in the town to purchase you can continue. You don't have to wait for someone to respond. Remember you will not be sorted until all of this has been done.

Then you apply to be sorted and which race you fall into. Once sorted. You can post everywhere on the forum.

Signature Rules:
Please note that different people has different sizes Computer screens in order for them to enjoy the site and be able to read the post all signatures must be at least 500x200 pixels if fail to change your signature by the next week it will be deleted from your account. A member is allowed to have only two Signatures.

Posting Rule: Please make your post with length. Don't spam. Make your posts with a 5 word minim. Unless otherwise stated. Also No Double Posting.

NO GOD MODING: You can not control another character without their permission. No exceptions.

Be careful of what you say. No insulting will be permitted. Also no fighting among members. If you have a problem, PM and admin. We will solve it.

Any questions, comments, or concerns. Let me know.

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Offical Site Rules
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