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 Alexis Moonstone Application

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Alexis Moonstone
Hufflepuff Student

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PostSubject: Alexis Moonstone Application   Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:21 pm

Name:Alexis Moonstone
Year AND Age:5th Year /15
Status:Full blooded
Race: (unknown at this time)

Eye color:bluish Green
Other distinguishing feature:very long and silky hair /smooth skin /very beutiful

Personality:flirty /Manipulating
Likes:Boys, truthful people ,
Dislikes: people that lies , stealing ,backstabbers, twofacing

Family Information: Alexis was born 12-15-93 to Dan and Pheobe Moonstone. Being the only child born into this full blooded wizard family Alexis gainned power from both sides. Even though Alexis was brought into a wealthy family she didnt let the money consume her.

Short Roleplay:Lexie was walking to the black lake to sit under a tree and read a book and to admire the lake. As she she was heading towards the lake she saw a weird and mysterious creature. All of a sudden the creature disappear into the forbidden forest .When she finally got to the tree she was very suprise to see her friend Zoe there. So Lexie told Zoe what she saw so they went back to where lexie saw the weird and mysterious creature. Lexie and Zoe went into the forbidden forest to see if they could find the mysterious creature. As they where walk through the forbidden forest they came upon the weird and mysterious creature and Zoe started to laugh Lexie looked at Zoe with very confused eyes. "What are you laughing about?" asked Lexie.
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Meredith NicEssus
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Race: Vampires
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PostSubject: Re: Alexis Moonstone Application   Mon Dec 29, 2008 10:49 pm

Nice application. Make sure to edit it to add your race now.

Hello I am your:

Headmistress, Hufflepuff HOH & the Master of The City

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Alexis Moonstone Application
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